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Click on the following links to download. Note these are ziped files, unzip them and use Wordpad to view.

Sin and the Enemy Within pt 2

Sin and the Frankenstein Monster

A New Beginning

Recommended Reading

  1. "Keeping the Heart"                     by John Favel

  2. "The Lion Never Sleeps"              by Mike Taliaferro

  3. "Ancient Messianic Festivals"      by Ken Johnson Th.D.

  4. "Praying for my Life"                    by Marion Bond West

  5. "Jesus Outside the Lines"          by Scott Sauls

  6. "Disapointment with God"          by Phillip Yancey

  7. "Maturity Matters"                      by Bob Dukes

  8. "Love is a Choice"     by Drs. Robert Hemfelt, Frank Minrth and Paul Meier

If you have read any good christian books please send us an email, giving us the title and author(s)

As a Member of CMA I wish to tell you about who we are, with the video below.


In Touch

Truth For Life

Prophecy in the News


The Hal Lindsey Report

Worldwide Dicipleship Association
Prayer Request

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